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Nature is amazing

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Hey everyone, I found this last night and thought I'd share it. This is crazy and not fake at all. These are all sounds this bird has picked up while construction was going on nearby. Sounds exactly like the real thing.


1. Hammer

2. Chainsaw

3. Jack hammer

4. Lawn mower hitting sticks

5. Leaf blower starting

6. Power drill

7. Wood saw

8. Human voices

9. Two-way radio

10.Worker whistling

He makes lots of different bird calls as well. What can you hear


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I should get my mother-in-law to video tape her bird for you. It sings, burps, farts, calls out peoples names in 4 different voices, laughs, makes the house alarm noise and SOOO much more. I hate the damn thing as it never shuts up!

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