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Guest ThisPlaceSucks

My Summer Season

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Guest ThisPlaceSucks

With the exception some fall steelies, my open water season is all but done. Thought I'd post a few pics from my season. Most have already been posted, but I thought some of you might like reading about my summer.


My first real solid stint of fishing was on the Salmon River out of Pulaski, NY. Fishing within minutes of my motel was quite good, and it certainly helped me adapt from a spinning reel to a centerpin. As a predominantly Lake Superior based steelheader, getting to catch the large Lake Ontario steel was exciting. I landed lots of fish in my week there, including my PB steelhead. I also caught my PB brown trout, which location allowed me to break out the camera and snap a quick shot.




An average salmon river fish




Upon returning home from this trip it was time to steelie fish Lake Superior. Troutologist, another friend and myself went to the "Snowdrift" river and had a fantastic day. 26 fish landed in a blizzard. We actually bumped into another OFC'er there, but didn't know until after the trip. I can't seem to find it, but he had sent us a photo he took while we were fishing in a lake effect whiteout.


This shot was taken one morning between rains at the Sand River.



This was my last steelie on a warm June evening.



June 1st I went to a nearby lake for some eyes. I kept a few tasty eaters, and caught my season's best walleye.011-3.jpg



June 6th I had my PB catch of the summer. My son Kai was born healthy and happy, just shy of 8lbs. Definite keeper.


When I did get out this summer (unforunately kai can't come yet), a lot of my fishing was for smallies. i spent different days this summer catching bass of all sizes including a new personal best for me. 22.5 TLEN, and almost made up for the brand new rod/reel combo that a 3lb smallie stole. never leaving a grub with just the tail touching the water! :whistling:












In august I had the privelege of doing a little bit of fishing near Nipigon. Nothing like a 30 minute limit.



I also caught my first coaster! I lost another that was about 2x this size! :angry:



This fall I was able to get out to my family's property for a weekend. The beer flowed all weekend, and we even got some fishing/relaxing done. My dog Lucy always enjoys an evening on the water.






Got another keeper this fall!



That's all folks! Thanks for reading!



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Guest ThisPlaceSucks
Is that last bass pic with the boat and motor from Ach?


i think it is. you can tell by the "partied out" look on my face.

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Guest ThisPlaceSucks
is there a road into Ach? besides the quad trail?


quad trail? it's a rough road, but drivable.

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Guest Johnny Bass

Very nice! Looks like you had an amazing summer. Lots of variety and some very impressive smallies! Thanks for sharing.

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