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Waterfowl shots from this weekend

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Got out sunday and today in search of some waterfowl shots. It's still early in the season so for the next few outings are just practicing for the main event, the winter. Just making sure all my gear is working right, and i figure out any little tricks for getting the right shots when they're presented to me in the winter. The ducks still aren't flying much so this weekend was more or less just taking pictures of some behavioural type stuff..... more details can be found here http://brandonbroderick.blogspot.com/


I'll start things off with a shot of some cattails



A few bath time photos









And the rest..



















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Nice pics, curiously that last Widgeon looks like its still moulting, undeveloped primaries, is that common for out there?? Birds here have finished long ago, noticed the comment about them not flying much yet, is that why?

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Hey Dave,


I did notice quite a few birds that for some reason didn't have their full adult plumage yet. Not sure if it's just being on the west coast that has caused it, if it's normal, or if it's some environmental factor.


And I guess I should have worded the "not flying much" part yet. By that I mean, most of the birds in the area are residents. The winter brings the migratory birds in and those are the ones that I like to target for flight shots.

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