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Buying a boat in the US

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if you click on the link FAQS up a little higher on the page it will give you some answers


here is the link



with the dollar about to hit par with the US buck it may be the right time to buy down there

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piece of cake to buy down there......but make sure you have all the paper work .....make sure you bring a paper trail.....dont hide anything......i hit the border had the bill of sale had the ad and all i did was paid my taxes and i was off....finding a boat could be a little tricky tho...what i did was call a reputable marina and made an app't with them and had the boat looked at there....one thing bout american boats tho is that they do spend alot of time in the water so try to find one in good shape preferbly with lo hours....there was one snag tho that i found...when you buy the boat the original owner is owner of the plates....so how do you drive a trailer without plates.....you might want to ask the owner if possible that he can leave the plates on for you....i was lucky and thats what he did .....your allowed to insure it thru a canadian carrier at time of purchase, you might want to think bout that ...just do you homework....afterall you cant bring it back.....


good luck


oh and buy a lund :P

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We shopped around and bought ours from a dealer instead of a private sale. Alot of good points already brought up. Some other points to remember - check the trailer/boat serial number with the RIV first before you pay anything. The RIV will tell you whether that trailer/boat is legit. Ask the seller if he will meet you at the border, that made our transaction alot easier. If it is a dealer, he can get you a 10 day temporary licence plate for your drive back. If it is private, and you have to pick up in the States, you can get your own temp. plate for the drive back also. You cannot use an existing trailer plate to drive back!!!. You need a passport to go across the border now so you have to get that if you don't already have it. You have to pay GST and PST on the boat and GST on the trailer at the border (no duty on vehicles), but then have to pay PST on the trailer when you register it here at the MTO. You also have to get a boat licence up here (and boat numbers) at any Service Canada office before registering at the MTO.


Think that about covers it.



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i did it in november no big deal only issue is the MTO no longer issues temp plates for trailers, talked to every dept branch out there finally just printed it all off to demonstrate to the Potential OPP officer that i had tried everything to get one. while the trailer qualifies for the RIV program a recall notice is not required but the canadian tire inspection is. no 72 hour notice required at the border either. just a bunch of paperwork hoops to jump thru, id do it again. check this



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i bought mine from the states a year and a half ago via ebay. this was when the dollar was really strong. there are a few websites that speak about all the details you need to have. i can't seem to locate it but i'm sure google has it.


here are a few things i remember.

1. do your research thoroughly. you don't want to arrive at border and then have to go back.

2. i had 3 separate receipts made - boat, motor, trailer - see #10

3. trailer is MTO so research w/ them - ask them what paperwork you will require. and ask a couple people as there is a tendency to get two different pieces of advice. and look into trailer plates. i bought in texas and the plates go with the trailer so i came home no problem w/ texas plates.

4. boat/moter is Services Canada (i think) so research with them.

5. make absolutely sure you have titles with no liens for the trailer and boat and motor.

6. research the title transfer laws for each particular state. they differ from state to state. i.e. some states don't have titles for trailers. it's true. only for truck trailers, not for small boat trailers. so call the DOT (dept of trans) for the particular state.

7. bring all receipts. customs even asked to see a print out of my ebay transaction, paypal transactions, etc. (which i fortunately had)

8. expect to take 1-2 hours at the border for paperwork

9. you have to pay taxes (i forgot for which ...boat or trailer, i think boat, and for the trailer you pay for at MTO).

10. this might be very important too to save you some money. if you are in states for a longer stay (and if not make a trip out of your boat purchasing stay) you are entitled to a 700 or 750 dollar duty free allowance. So ask seller to create separate receipts for all 3 items, but in particular one receipt for let's say the motor for 700 dollars. that way you only pay duty on the trailer and boat. i hope that makes sense. (check the allowance schedule on customs canada website). for example $5000 boat. $700 for motor, 1300 for trailer, $3000 for boat. in any case look into the taxes and there might be a way to save a bit more money depending on how the 3 pieces are priced.

11. bring tools with you for the purchase, especially if you are buying used. i.e. axle grease, lug nut wrench, wiring supplies and tools, bulbs, etc.

12. before making the purchase stateside. calculate if you are really saving money. purchase price, travel costs, import costs and taxes. sometimes it's just easier to buy local, even though the selection down south is usually better.




okay, there's probably more stuff but i can't remember. i hope this helps. good luck.

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