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Fishing Walleye in Stoney this time of year

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Anyone having luck with good size pics in the deeper water of Stoney? 50-80 ft. Gonna try sunday if my cold settles down. Sometimes its like shooting fish in a barrell (50-100 fish days) . Ice fishing lures tipped or just vert jig raps. Burliegh is good, as is hurrican pt, if the winds cooporate. Lastly, yellow triangle by elephant rock.

With all that info I hope to get a report. They may not be there yet.

Hope to hear back.


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Guest gbfisher

Yup, they swim away right to the bottm......... and die. They only float a couple days later. ;)

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there are tons of studies that suggest that gbfisher is right

and there is talk of stopping bass turneys in the fall when bass are real deep


here is a cut and paste from one study


Depth of Capture

When fish are caught and retrieved quickly from deep water, injury may result from

depressurization. Depressurization can result in over-inflation of the gas bladder, inability to

submerge when released, gas embolisms, internal and/or external haemorrhaging and death.

Freshwater fish have one of two basic types of swim bladders. Fish, such as carp, esocids, trout

and salmon have a duct which connects the swim bladder to the alimentary canal. These fish can

expel gas and make buoyancy adjustments more quickly than fish such as, bass, walleye, perch

and most panfish which lack a connecting duct and rely on diffusion to deflate their swim

bladder. Thus, while susceptibility to depressurization varies among fish species, it has the

potential to be a significant source of mortality (Kerr, 2001).



To release fish that suffer from depressurization a technique known as "fizzing" has been

developed to artificially deflate swim bladders by puncturing the swim bladder with a sharp

instrument. In a review of "fizzing", Kerr (2001) suggested that the practice should be

discouraged, as significant damage can result from the procedure, and that fishing deep waters

(5-6 m) should be restricted if fish are intended to be released.


but if you want a good meal of walleye

now is a good time to get them


well not me I can't catch them

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The studies of mortality rates in deep caught bass and eyes seem to be fairly conclusive. If you are eating them, then go for it. If CnR is your goal, then deep fishing is not a great way to protect the resource.

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