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Salmon are jumping at Port Hope fish ladder

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Salmon are jumping at Port Hope fish ladder



October 7th, 2009 / Northumberland Today



Each year as fall arrives salmon begin their annual spawning run up the Ganaraska River in Port Hope. This provides an excellent opportunity to view the fish as they migrate upstream past the Ganaraska River Fishway.


Various species of salmon, including Coho and Chinook, run up the river from late August to mid-October but the main concentration is in September. The eggs are laid in gravel depressions constructed by the females. These spawning beds are called redds. Anywhere from 2,000 to 17,000 eggs are laid in each redd. Although an average female will lay roughly 8,000 eggs the number of eggs depends on the size and condition of the female. The eggs will hatch in four to seven weeks.


Other salmonid species using the fishway in the fall include fall run steelhead (rainbow trout) and anadiomous (brown trout).


The Ganaraska River Fishway was constructed in 1973 to help the fish get past Corbett’s Dam to the spawning beds upstream. The Ganaraska River Fishway was made possible due to a joint venture of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, the Ganaraska Sportsmen’s Association, the Municipality of Port Hope and a host of volunteers from Port Hope and the surrounding area. Prior to the construction of the fishway, fish were manually lifted over the barrier.


The fishway is a 90-foot long concrete channel. Migrating fish jump up a series of nine pools each a foot higher than the previous one. Fishways are also called fish ladders. The fishway is designed to allow only the species that are wanted upstream to pass through its pools.


People who intend to fish should be sure to have a fishing licence and a copy of the Fishing Regulations Summary as some special regulations apply. Fishing is not permitted from Highway 401 to Jocelyn St. This sanctuary is in place to protect the large concentration of salmon as they rest and prepare to run up the steps of the fishway.


The Ganaraska River Fishway is located 65 miles east of Toronto.


To reach it, exit from Highway 401 at County Road 28 in Port Hope and head south. Proceed to Jocelyn Street and turn right.


Turn right onto Cavan Street from Jocelyn and follow the road a short distance to the fishway.


Although the best view of the running salmon is from the west side, parking is available on either side of the Ganaraska River.

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