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Local anglers tops at four man tourney

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Local anglers tops at four man tourney



October 1, 2009

Allyson Snelling / www.bracebridgeexaminer.com



For the third year in a row, Bracebridge anglers Chris Marling and Gary Franklin have been among the winners in an Ontario Bassmasters team-style fishing tournament.


For the past two years, the tournament has been known for its six-man format, but this year changed to a four-man team format.


Held on Georgian Bay on Sunday, Sept. 20, the tournament saw 40 anglers on 10 teams competing for top spot.


Franklin and Marling fished from one boat, while teammates Mike Reid of Gravenhurst and Tim Ellis of North Bay fished from another. Each boat weighed in three fish for a total of six entries.


After eight and a half hours on the water, the team weighed in a total of 44.1 pounds for a first-place prize of $1,500, which they split evenly among the four anglers. Marling said each duo brought in about 22 pounds.


“The fishing was fantastic. Georgian Bay is a great fishery,” said Marling. He and Franklin had not competed on Georgian Bay before, he added.


The fishing was so good that Marling said he hooked one fish and it jumped right into the boat. The fish was covered with the net by Franklin.


Several local teams participated in the tourney, including the team of Steve Bossence, Phil Curtis, Craig Stuckless and Scott Thomson, who earned a cash prize for their third-place finish.


All the anglers belong to the Muskoka Bassmasters club and rivalry between the anglers kept the competition fun.


“Phil Curtis said at the beginning of the tournament that all they wanted to do was beat me,” Marling laughed. “Steve replied, ‘you just jinxed us’, and it did jinx them.”


The following weekend the duo competed against each other in the final Muskoka Bassmasters club tournament. Held on Lake St. John in Rama, the tourney, which was open to non-members, saw seven teams compete.


Franklin topped the pack with Brock Robertson at 12.54 pounds, while Marling came fourth with Glen Boyd with 9.17 pounds.

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