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Finding pickerel and muskie on a lake in Haliburton

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Lake description:


-4 miles long

-Narrow lake which is similar to a large river

-Water level drops quickly, just 10ft away from the shoreline is 25 feet deep all around the lake, two sections where it is 40 to 50 feet

-There is an area with weeds around 4-6ft which is near an island. This sounds like it would be a good spot at night for the pickerel? Some areas in the middle of the lake are about 10-15'.

-I have visited the lake before but only in the summer time. The only area that coughed up some pickerel was a fallen tree in 25' of water. Should I be fishing the deepest edge (25') around the shoreline this time of year, or should I focus most of my fishing in the deeper sections?


Are the muskie generally deep or shallow this time of year?

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The best way to catch larger chain pickerel is to use a small jig such as a shad dart, in yellow/red, or yellow/white combinations, in a 1/64 ounce size, up to about an 1/8 ounce. These are really small baits, and a lot of finesse is required to catch chains on these lures. The other bait that works well is a 1/16 to 1/4 ounce brown or brown/black hair jig. Both these jigs should be used first without any other bait, such as minnows attached to them.


Good Luck out there.







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I'm assuming that you mean walleye. There are no chain pickeral in Ontario that I know of.

I would concentrate around rock humps/shores and weeds just as the sun is setting. It's a short period of time, but I find those lakes that have suspended walleye tend to be tough during the day and the walleye move in shallow at dusk. I also found that the walleye like fallen trees in the fall. Drop a jig and minnow down near the ends of the trees.

Let us know how you make out on this mystery lake.

The muskie are all over at this time of the year, but I would usually look for some kind of structure like rocks on a sunny day or the weeds that you have found. The bigger ones could be out after those suspended walleyes.

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