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October OFN eMagazine

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Volume 9 - Issue 10 - Issue #106


Welcome to the October 2009 issue!!

of the Ontario Fishing Network E-Magazine.


Great articles this month by some of fishings top writers and pro's!


Visit the links below to read this months info packed issue:



Big Tube Jigs for Autumn Pike

By Tim Allard

Shorter days and cooling water are signals to northern pike that autumn has arrived. During fall, these sleek predators will feed heartily to pack on energy reserves to help them survive winter's hardships. There are few better ways to catch pike in cold-water than using big profile jigs, and giant tubes are a particularly productive bait.


Equipment 101 - Gear Ratios, Thrust, and Drift Socks

By Justin Hoffman

The more we know and understand about our fishing equipment, the better prepared we are when it comes time to rely on it. This insight also allows us to make informed decisions on what will make the best fit for purchasing products. Here is some advice for getting your head around reels, motors, and socks.


Cover Two Zones

By Pete Maina

Edge fishing is common for all species of fish. Often, some of the better areas to target in a system that has them - are distinct breaklines from shallow to deep water. These become natural travel and cover zones; more specifically, fish often congregate on more extreme areas of irregular breaklines (sharp points and inside turns).


Bronzeback Bonanza

By J.P. DeRose

For years I was a diehard deep weed line angler for big fall largemouth bass. I would fish until the end of November, searching for the greenest weeds in the lake. Some days were unbelievable, where you would catch 25 - 30, 3 pound plus buckets, other days you would get 10 or 15. I swore I had the greatest thing going, that is, until I was invited to fish smallmouth bass in November.


To Catch a King Salmon

By Tyler Dunn

By the beginning of October, rivers that are flowing into the Great Lakes will be receiving a run of chinook salmon. For many anglers this is the only time of year when big fish are easily accessible. There is no need for big boats with 200 horsepower engines. Instead, a small aluminum or a pair of waders can give you the means of hooking up with a giant salmon.


Dave Mercer - First Cast in baseball History!

Professional angler and host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW® Dave Mercer has made the Major League Baseball (MLB) history books. On September 21st at 7:00pm Dave became the first person in the history of the league to "cast" (with rod and reel) the opening pitch, kicking off the game between the Toronto Blue Jays® and Baltimore Orioles




Dave's Newsest Video!!


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Thanks TJ.


One thing....


the link for "Equipment 101 - Gear Ratios, Thrust, and Drift Socks"


brings me to the "Big Tube Jigs for Autumn Pike" article.

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All fixed, thanks for the heads up!!!

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