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Brookie Report! - Last softwater trip of the season...

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With the fishing season finally starting to slowly wind down a tad I was able to take my girl up to the cabin and hit a northern Haliburton lake for Brookies for a nice change in pace. We just took out the 14' Sportspal canoe with the Minn Kota electric and worked one of the small lakes I have fished in the past. The weather was cool with some rain showers and we were casting small worm tipped spinners to the shoreline wood/dropoffs and also using a worm tipped slipfloat with no action at all.


Finally after 2 hrs of no action at all I decided to troll the deeper sections of the lake and we nailed a fish in deeper water! As the day progressed we fine turned our presentation with small spinners, the right amont of spitshot and the correct speed on the electric that finally proved successful in boating 5 Brookies in the 20 to 25' range. Although they were small the taste of the freshly pan fried Brookies last night will soon not be forgotten.....



Take care and be safe out there.... Greg.

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Beauty report Greg :thumbsup_anim:

Looks like switching it over and some fine tuning paid off big time B)

Congratulations to both of you :clapping:

Thanks for sharing


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A gorgeous shot of a beautiful woman, scenery, and some of my favourite fish.


I almost smacked you because I thought you said you caught fish in the 20-25 " range. I re-read your post before going off, and realized what almost was an embarrassing mistake. Must be getting old.

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