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Gotta love them Jump like this....

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Today I brought my parents to watch salmon run in Port Hope. It's always wonderful to see those salmon trying their best to jump over the fish ladder.

Here are some photo.





As we walked further downstream, I was surprise to see two people fishing....



Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Pacific Salmon Extended Fall Season (4th Sat. in April to Dec. 31)

Northumberland County - all waters downstream of Hwy. 2, except the Ganaraska River which may only

be fished downstream of the south side of the C.P.R. bridge.


Since the fishing season is over in the river after Sept 30th, I immediately took this photo.


Just in case they didn't leave after I talked to them and when the MNR officers need prove.

I approached them and told them not to fish in the river since the season is already closed, they just gave me the "Oh really" look. I think they saw me holding a camera as well as a cellphone. So they packed their gear and walked out of the river. From the lure they used, they were definitely targeting salmon.


After the little incident, my family continue to walk downstream just to enjoy the view. When we walked back upstream, those two guys now with a teenager(i'd say 15-18 years old)approached me, and said (this is the exact word)


The two guys: "There is no sign saying no fishing here or end of season, the local boy here told us there's no season close here. Where did you read about it?"


I replied: "It's in the fishing regulation booklet, it clearly stated fishing season ended for the river after September 30th, all anglers should read it."


They then said: "Give us one now, and I want to see."


I then replied with a little raised voice: "Well it's free, you go get them yourself in fish tackle store or bait shops. And don't complain when you get caught(with my finger on the cellphone #pad. If you want to fish, go all the way downstream and you need to get pass a train bridge."


After this conversation, the young boy immediately walked away (I'm sure he knew what's going on).

and the two guys without saying a word headed towards Lake Ontario.


My family and I continue our sight seeing, lucky for those guys they didn't fish in the area afterwards... or else their face wouldn't be blocked and for sure they'll have a big ticket.


This is what I suggest, if any of you see someone illegally fishing, take a photo catch them in the act, then post them here if MNR is too lazy to get involved even after calling the tip line.

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There is a place I go to watch the steelies later in the season try to make it up a certain river..


I could sit there for hours watching them..


Great pics!

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good on ya, for a few reasons. Great pics and for setting them straight. This is why I have a print out of zone 16 and 17 in my car at all times. cheers.

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Nice photos Steel, those are awesome action shots. I remember years ago when I was young my parents would take us to another trib and we'd watch the salmon jump. Sometimes we'd go in and help them make it upstream.


And good on you for taking action. Some people would just walk away from that but I feel as anglers we have a responsibility to help protect our resources. It sounds like you handled the situation perfectly.

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I noticed this year that since we had so much rain in August and so little in September that Alot of salmon made it into the creeks,..but not too far up and basically sat in pools decaying until we had the good rain a week ago.


For you guys that watch them jump...were they making it over?


Im just curious as normally fish that low in the rivers havent turned color as much which definately has to do with deterioration as per Life cycle and they definately have less strength. Very unfortunate year for those Salmon regarding the weather,...I wonder if they will still have the strength to get to their spawning grounds (some will argue it doesnt matter as they dont reproduce viably anyways),...


And someone pointed out taking pics of the illegal activities that occur on the tribs and posting them here for the MNR....sounds like a good idea.....HOWEVER, I will have to get a bigger memory card...lol and I could fill this board up real fast with the stuff I see going on.....yesterday we saw a family walking back from the river dragging a huge BLACK male salmon,...stiff as board,...Absolutly had to be rotting on the river bank for a few days,...They were taking it home to eat,..I went over and looked at it and nearly hurled....but they did have another copper/black one that looked like it had been just snagged in the belly...WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? :rolleyes:

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