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Best time for Lade Evelyn

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We are booking a weeks fishing vacation at Lady Evelyn Lake next year - Sucker Gut and Willow Lakes to be specific. Looking forward to it. However, I'm seeking advice on whether the fishing would be better in June, July, August or September. If you had a choice, which month would be the best in your opinion? Thanks Paul

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My guess is the earlier the better. We've fished Eve in August and the fishing was tough. Mind you; we didn't have sonar so that didn't help much. Sucker Gut doesn't get very deep, so the fish probably scatter once the temps go up. 1st week of June would be prime IMO.


You thinking of roughing it or staying at a lodge? If you're opting for the latter, a day spent with a guide will make a world of difference.


Good luck!



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