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Replacement Truck Parts?


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Hey guys,


I own a 2000 Chev Silverado and need a part.


Today while driving on site, I tried to undo my window and nothing happened. I could hear the Motor working, but the glass isn't moving. I am only able to sandwich the glass with my hands and manually pull it up and push it down.


So I took my door apart after work and looked around. At first i thought it was the glass holders (sorry not a car guy and dont know the technical name) as the rubber pad on the one side had been displaced. Fixed that, and before putting the door back together I thankfully tested it. Nothing happened still and the motor was moving.


So I did a little more poking around and realized that the Regulator Cable had snapped and was hanging freely.


I came in called CTC, they couldnt get the part. Called Part Source, $179.99. So I took my search online.


Checked out a few sites, they had the parts, a lot cheaper than Part Source but I always check third party reviews before ordering anything online from a new company. Turns out they all have the same reviews, with the same problems.


So now i am stuck and need your help.


Where can I pick up a 2000 Chev Silverado LT 5.3L Driver Door Regulator for a decent price? Or am I stuck with PS and CTC?


I am in Ottawa but I am in the GTA almost every weekend.


Thanks for your help guys



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If you can get to the London area or have a friend that is; I can get you a brand new regulator and motor assembly for $82.45 plus tax. ($93.71) I belong to a buying group, as a garage owner and for a one off deal; I'll sell it to you at cost. List price on the assembly is approx. $180.00.

Let me know.


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Did you look through Rock Auto yet? If you go look at Chevrolet -> Silverado -> Interior -> Window Regulator in their parts list, you can choose from anything from cheap to more expensive. I've got a 5% discount code (172944065157734877) that can be used until July 4th. Shipping usually isn't cheap, but a lot of times you can find closeout deals on cars 15+ years old.

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