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"Monster" Brand Tie-downs from Costco

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A couple of years back I bought a 4 pack of ratcheting tie-down straps from Costco. They were OK, lasting two seasons...I'd have preferred they lasted longer, but I allowed them to rub in a certain spot and eventually they broke where they were worn. It was pretty much my fault that they broke.


I went to Costco to buy more, but they no longer carried the same (yellow) ones I had previously purchased. Instead were nearly identical (I believe made by the same company) red ones going by the name "monster" brand. I foolishly bought two packs that day. These things are total garbage. The ratchet part includes a little spring, required for the mechanism to work at all. This little spring is the diameter of a pin. It's obviously going to break...if you saw it you'd laugh. Not one of these things have made more than two round trips into camp and back. Did I mention that they are total garbage?


I nearly dumped my quad off the front of my trailer when I was going downhill the other day and touched the brakes. Just by dumb luck the broken strap got hung up on the back of the trailer, otherwise, my bike would have slammed into the back of my Jeep, and then fallen to the ground, probably landing on it`s side or worse. I was alone in the middle of the bush and I would have had a heck of a time dealing with that. I`m just so angry with those %&$* straps! I`d return them but I lost a some of them when they broke, I don`t have the package they came in or the receipt, so I`m pretty much screwed there.


DON`T BUY MONSTER BRAND STRAPS FROM COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you enjoy owning useless garbage, because that`s what they are.

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