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Fall LOTW fishing advice

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Hey all


New member to the forum, been reading for some time, thought is was about time I post/get involved.


I am heading up to the LOTW (Sioux Narrows) in mid September for a week of fishing. I am looking at targeting Walleye, Pike, Muskey. I am new to Walleye and Muskey fishing and I was looking for so advice on gear and tactic?

I have never caught a Muskey or Walleye!!!

For Muskey I have 7'8 muskey rod and I plan on running 80lb power pro with flouro leader 80lb?

For Walley 6'0 walleye rod with 10lb mono.


Some advice on what I should purchase/need would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Headed up there myself in 8 days .


from what I hear Bucktail spinners , cowgirls ,white spinner baits and top raiders have been producing ( Son is working at LOTW resort)


I hope to have an aweseom report posted later in the month :)



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Just found this forum today looking for info on tying some flouro leaders for skies. Just got back on Saturday from lotw. My buddy and I had a great trip. Best of a lifetime. Of the three boats we had up their, ours did the best by far. We boated 15 muskies, lost a few, and had a bunch more follow. Caught a bunch of really nice pike too (around the 40" range). The majority of fish came on a few lures. The best was the double cowgirl (double #10 blades). We got a little over half on them. Then after that, it came down to the area you were fishing. Weeds were producing very well for us, so when they were too thick to throw bucktails, we through either a rumbler or a spinnerbait. I was using a black spinnerbait with double silver #9 blades on it and bouncing it through the weeds. Caught a few skies and some nice pike that way. Biggest pike was 42". The biggest fish of the trip came off of a rumbler during a rain spell. 49" It was awesome to see that beast come up behind the lure and suck it down. It hardly fit in our net (we need to get a real musky net for next year). A double #9 bucktail worked too, though not as well. I also caught 2 on a double #12 bucktail....I only through it for 2 days though then my arms were killing me.


For us the majority of fish came off of either weeds or bulrush. We had a few off of rocks, but not as many as other years.


As for walleye, the resort guy said its been a phenomenal year for them. There was one guy who caught a 33"er. He said that they are pretty much everywhere this year for some reason and not hard to find. We had 2 guys go out with gulp leaches and jigs and had a limit in less than an hour (had to supplement our pike for a meal).


Hope that helps a bit.

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That helps a tone, thanks for your advice, looks like I'll be getting a cowgirl #10 blade for the muskey and some gulp to. What resort did you stay at? I will be at Crawford's camp.

I also wondered if flouro was need for the walleye as well.

I can't wait for the trip 31 days and counting


Thanks again!!!

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We stayed at Spruce Island Camp, its in Sabascosing bay, about smack in the middle of LOTW (and 50 miles west of Sioux Narrows). Its quite an experience to go there. It was my 3rd year. There is power and running water, and they have pretty much the only gas station for a long ways around (I think the next nearest one is in Minnesota).


The guys we were with didnt use any flouro for walleye, though it wont hurt anything if you do use it.

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