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A week on Big Doe

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We just returned from a week on Big Doe near Burke's Falls. I rent a cottage there and spent the time with my son and nephew. We also had another nephew come up later in the week.

The fishing over all was a little hit and miss. There was all sorts of weather issues and I think the fish didn't know whether to eat or wind their watches. We just never really got into them but there were always enough to keep you interested.

Any who, here are some photos:


Nephew Jake with a nice little bass




Me with a couple of bass. All bass by the way, were caught on Texas rigged YUM Dingers.





Here is Jake with a beaut of a walleye (around 4 lbs) She went back to make more babies.




This is Jake holding one of Will's walleye. It would have been an eater, but Will had already named it so it had to go back.




Me with some walleye. The fish aren't small, I just have huge hands :rolleyes: The walleyes were caught on worms, minnows, and grubs ( Gulp chartreuse/silver jig). It is hard to say which produced the most but I would give a slight edge to minnows.





And finally, Nephew Dustin with a nice Smallie. Note the clothing. It was one of those weeks, when the sun went behind a cloud you went from tee shirt to hoodie.




All in all a great week of hanging about. It is also great to see my son and nephew as they become more proficient at the sport. Jake only fishes one or twice a year (when with me) but is keen and picks things up really quickly. Will still diddles about loads, but is all business when landing a fish and is hell at netting.

As the dad/uncle, most of my time is spent sorting out snags (both in and out of the boat) and baiting hooks, but I wouldn't change a thing.


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That spot in the first two pics,very productive. The western part of the lake hold some nice pike and that island in the one pic,is a masive fishery for rockie and smallies.


Looks like you had a great trip.


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Nice report. I haven't been to Doe Lake in a long time. Great fishery, when they cooperate.



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Beauty report Jim :thumbsup_anim:

There's no better time spent on the water then with family!!!

You guys sure got into some good ones!!!

Great job and thanks for sharing


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