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Pre-storm muskie

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My brother and I decided to go out for a quick evening fish tonight. Got on the water just after 5pm, and hit a decent largemouth bass right away. Nothing after that for a few hours, then in the distance, we could see a massive thunderstorm rolling in. Just before we packed it in, I felt a solid thump on the end of my line, and after a nice scrap, my best of 2009 was in the cradle. She measured out at 41". We hightailed it out of there just in time before the weather came down, and man, did it ever come down! The trip home took double the normal time as a tree had been knocked down across the 401 near Whitby, blocking the two right lanes! Can you tell I am a happy camper from the pics? :)


Happy happy joy joy!



Quick and easy release.



Play with toothy fish and sometimes they will getcha... she was rather feisty while I removed the hooks... SOOOOO worth it!


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