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I have latley been buying my worms but the problem is the price of them are just unbelievable. The other problem is that they break or fall apart after one big fish!! But the good thing is that they work!! I am looking to buy a mold of the 5" size and keep my broken worms melt them and rebuild them! If anyone knows a website or store that i can find one please let me know.

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dang im for sure gettin molds...thats so sick. Im sick on buying bags of Yammys for 9 bucks...they work awesome tho. I got no idea where to buy the actual plastics or how hot to cook the molds.

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This site contains EVERYTHING (information) that you'll ever need


lurecraft.com (molds, plastic, glitter, scent) etc.


bobstackleshack.com (awesome molds-expensive)


bassmagnetlures.com (plastic etc. Belleville, Ontario) Great guy to deal with (Mike)


bearsbaits.com (plastic, glitter, molds etc.)


This should keep you busy for a couple weeks reading.......tackleunderground.com is awesome, there's a great bunch of guys there who make the BEST custom hand pours in the world....enough information about handpoured baits to make your head spin....


Have fun.....hope you got lots of time and money!!!!! did I say money....and addicting!!!!



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Here's some links for any of you that are interested in luremaking ! Whether you want to make that special inline spinner bait for that upcoming bassin trip, or if you're interested in making a tastey looking musky bait for some toothy critters you have lined up.


Baitmaking Communities:

http://www.tackleunderground.com (a great luremaking forum)


Hardbait Production Suppliers:

http://www.luremaking.com (lots of supplies for building your own lures)


Softbait Production Suppliers:

(Lurecraft) http://www.lurecraft.com

(MF-Manufacturing) http://www.fishingworld.com/M-F-Manufacturing/

(Zeiners) http://zeiners.safeshopper.com/381/cat381.htm?


Aluminum Mold Makers (soft baits):





How To Make Your-Own-Mold:

http://www.bassresource.com/fishing/pou ... worms.html



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