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Shore Fishing in and around Ottawa?

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Hi there,


I live in Centretown, Ottawa and wondering where is a good place to fish. I caught a couple of (very small) 6" bass from the Rideau River and was wondering if there were any around >1lb around.


I do not drive however, and have no access to a boat, waders or a floatation device so it would have to be from the shore. I can bike around a fair bit however or bus it so I can travel as long as its not too far! Does anyone know or have any advice for spots on the Ottawa River or Rideau River/Canal?


Many thanks!



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Guest nuker

i fished on the walking paths by some rapids.. cheyenne i think. there's like a big boulder in front of the shore where some water flows through and then the river on the otherside.


my best friend nailed a 10+ pound walleye from there. i know, i was there and had to help him land it! he was on rollerblades standing on the rocks, and i had to step in the water to haul it out. it was crazy, but a memory and a story for sure!

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I've fished at Bate Island under the Island Park Bridge. I walked in the water a ways and then slowly made my way from the parking to the point towards the left(more South) while casting, and caught a cute Pike the other day...


I've also tried the Deschenes Rapids in Aylmer, it is at the end of Vanier Street. You follow the path all the way to the Left(East) until you come to some narrows, and then there's a nice spot to cast into the rapids. I've caught a couple smallies there.


The good part about the Ottawa River is that you can fish both shores with an Ontario or Quebec license.


Does anyone have any spots to share? I'm looking for tips as well :)

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