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Oakville Aug.5 -AM report

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Made it a complete family affair today - everyone including the 1 1/2 year old was on board to take advantage of the nice weather.


Missing more than few hours of sleep so here is the scoop briefly with few chosen pictures of the many fish we've got today.


Ended up the day 15/19. My best numbers so far this season. Had super great time with the kids and wife.

Mostly bows but mixed with some Cohos and Kings....got my PB King today of just over 28 Lbs.

100-150 fow

50-60 feet down

spoons only (washed flies again for several hours with no results) ::)

Same colors Black with silver combo...

Released a lot of fish including the big hog, all carefully revived and sent to make babies ;D especially the big HOG....it came on 10 colors leadcore and took me a while to bring in...

Lost few nice fish too but hey....we've had tons of fun even with the lost ones. ;):)


First the big guy/girl (?!?), as you can see almost ready to head up the river,




sent him on his way:





Few others:




And I like this one the most. As you can see it was team work all the way:





Ice Fisherman

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Beauty report icefisherman :thumbsup_anim:

Looks like you guys had a blast out there.... Congrats on your PB :clapping:

Thanks for sharing


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