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August OFN E-Magazine

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Volume 9, Issue 8 - August 2009 #104


Soft-Jerkbait Tactics for Deep Water Smallmouth Bass

By Tim Allard

If you haven't tried using soft-plastic jerkbaits for deep-water smallmouth bass, you're missing out on a deadly tactic. It might seem unorthodox to work a bait running a foot below the surface in deep water, but it works. To survive, smallies need to be aware of their environment and for them to skyrocket 20 feet to hit a vulnerable baitfish frequently happens on many lakes – soft-jerkbaits are one way to capitalize on this trend.


Score a Touchdown with Football Jigs

by Justin Hoffman

Jigs are renowned for their fish catching abilities. And if I was to hazard a guess, no other lure garners more water time than these weighted bait systems throughout the course of a season. For those that target brown and green bass, football jigs may be a new wrinkle in this ever-growing genre, but are a lure that can consistently put fish in the boat, and one worthy of placement in every bass anglers box.


Deep Down Lake Trout

By Tyler Dunn

Deep, cold and gin clear water usually represent most lakes that hold healthy populations of lake trout throughout Ontario. During the summer months Lakers drop down in the warming water column. These fish are often very aggressive and concentrated in the most predictable areas in the lake.


Lure Patterning

by Pete Maina

There are big advantages to multiple anglers. After decades of guiding, generally a couple anglers at a time, every day, you'd think I'd like to spend a day or two just fishing alone. And I do, if it's relaxing bobber-watching for a higher density species, but if I'm even halfway serious about muskie-catching, I can't stand fishing alone – simply because it's utterly inefficient.


Lure Selection for Dunking Largemouth in the weeds.

by J.P. DeRose

When trying to trick a Largemouth Bass in vegetation bait selection can be a very important ingredient to a successful day on the water. There are several options available to the weed line angler, however the first and best advice I can give it to slow down.


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Get North!

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