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Island Lake Report

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My wife and I went over to Island Lake this weekend and as usual it was a fun day of fishing with a good amount of bass. Most of the bass are around the 1.5-2 pound mark but they still make for a fun day. We did get one nice one though.


I started the day off with a decent 2 pounder.




Then my wife when on a catching spree.




This catching spree included the biggest of the day which weighed in right on 3.5 pounds. She was happy to finally catch some fish this year let alone a nice one like this.




She was so happy about catching all these fish she gave this one a smootch.




I felt left out so I decided to give my next fish a smooch as well.




And finally I caught another little guy, not as impressive as my wife's day though!



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Great report and pics evster :thumbsup_anim:

Looks like you two had a blast.... got into some good quality bassin B)

Congrats to your wife on landing that brute :clapping:

Thanks for sharing


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What were you guys using for lures/bait?


All the fish were caught using senkos. Tried a couple of things but this ended up being what they wanted. The interesting thing is that all the fish were caught while a certain group was playing on the ipod...everytime they came on we caught a fish. Thats the secret I won't share :P.

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Great fish!!! Nice job. Is there a fee to fish at Island Lake?? Also, can you get that kind of action by fishing off the shore??


Ya there is since its a conservation area. I believe its like $4.50 a person or something like that and then there was also a launch fee. I have never fished from shore and wherever I have caught fish has been off shore a bit, so I can't really help with that. I would say give it a try there is some access, but I think it gets pretty busy on weekends.

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