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Quality fishing time (pic heavy)

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With all the running back and forth to hospitals, I've only had the odd 2 hour break for some fishing in guaranteed catch zones.

Sunday was one of those 2 hour episodes while visiting my daughter. She came out for some fresh air and cuddled with the dogs.


We also did a little fishing. Nothing too glorious.


I was just glad to have some time together and to see her smiling.


Fast forward to this morning. Regular check up with the specialist, but I got there too early. So I went in behind the offices and got a 1/2 hour of river fishing to kill time.



Not too bad for 30 minutes.

After being told the ticker is working fine I ran further down the river for some backpack fishing. Man was the bite on. Had a couple of smallies on plastics to start.


Then the sheephead took over for about an hour.



Then it was time for a changeup and I started tossing plastic craws on bottom.




The smallies were on a feeding frenzy. I had 5 solid hours of action, so I packed it in while I was still ahead, and tended to the chores. Even got some of the canning done.


Doesn't matter if the Mrs. isn't home right now, the harvest times wait for no one.

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Nice fish and some good lookin preserves. I hope all the medical issues turn out okay.


Thanks Lorne.


Regretably, like her Dad, some of Anna's health problems will be life long. There will always be procedures, treatments, therapies and rehab. The hope is that they will get less frequent over time, and there will be a lot less pain.

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It's always rewarding going out fishing with family and getting into some beauties!!!

Glad your daughter was able to join you today.... must of did her good to get out with her dad :thumbsup_anim:


Thanks for posting and sharing this great report with us Bruce :clapping::canadian::D


Keep up the good work!!!


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