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mercury outboard bottom end

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Does anybody have experience with this, is it easy...I'm fairly mechanically inclined and was just wondering...reverse has a serious grind...have the same 74 thunderbolt 50hp...it also works but needs to be tweaked..the one on the boat runs incredible but reverse has just started acting up and I would like to swap it out...any info would be great....thanks all

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It's not too difficult,but can be nerve racking.

Before dropping the unit,put it in gear.

This will help when installing. If the spline between the drive shaft and engine don't line up.

You can turn the prop to line up the splines.

Do not force any thing. It will not go until every thing is line up.


To help install the water pipe and shaft. I preferred to do it with the engine vertical.


Since your there. Should change the impeller!

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