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Some of my older salt water pics

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Well, I have been out night fishing for the last two night and the results have been poor. One night I caught 2 fish and the largest was a respectable 2.7 pound smallie. On the second night I managed only one dink bass. I got home and saw some old albums on the table so I decided to have a look through them. They had some old fishing pics of me and my buddies so I scanned them and decided to post something to make up for my lacklustre recent night outings.

All these fish were caught in Abu Dhabi UAE (same country as Dubai but Abu Dhabi is the capital)

These fish are locally called Hamour. They are a type of Grouper. Very very tasty


Again Hamour. That is my boat in the background. Rebuilt it from the ground up (that is another story)


More Hamour


Hamour double header



Small Mackerel


Bigger King mackerel


A nice sailfish. There are so many sailfish at times there. You can see like 50 at once. You land one for every 10 hookups. They are insane fighters


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Hamour Time!!!


( Had to get that out before someone else did.. lol )


Hey Cudz, those are some awesome shots of some awesome fish. I love reports from different areas around the world so thanks for showing us some from the middle east. Very cool!

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Very interesting post Cudz...........its good to see something different now and again. Thanks for the effort in scannin and all that to show these

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