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My top water bass results so far

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nothing like the post by "24/7" today.... AWESOME post btw


As some of you know, I have just started top-water fishing about 4 weeks ago... what a "blast"..


Here are some of the results over the last 5-6 days .



a "head shot"... amazing how much weeds I can see between its mouth and the gill plate



Fishing the lily pads... first cast about 10 feet from shore... WHAMMO! on my newest colour of :scum frog"!



Check out the size of his bucket >



Went out tonight on my "practice pond" and had a very pleasant surprise. The guy who owns the house that I park in front of brought his canoe down tonight and asked if I wanted to join him :rolleyes:


Turns out he has watched me fish this top water stuff for a few days from his yard and was "impressed"... yeah, I told him.. I have some "great coaches" from this site :worthy:


He toured me around the edges where I fish from shore to give me another "point of view"...

Interesting that I was fishing the same spots as he was showing me, but I was targeting the water further off shore than I needed too :mellow:


my first cast in "to" the spot I always take my first cast of the day "from",,,, and surprise... Kapow!



This one I caught after I pulled the frog down from a tree ON the bank... it barely hit the water and BAM !



I gave him my favourite colour of "Scum frog" for his "guide service".



I have been trying to set up a trade for my services for a tinny or a canoe with an Electric motor....

tonight just makes me that more focused on that little project...lol ;)



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gotta love those frogs!!

they are my go to bait.I use a spro bronzeye most often. although they are on the expensive side they do work really well. i lost my favorite one to a pike on my last outing. so i only had the black frog left that was brand new so i worked it in a bit and fished using it the whole time. i had 12 or so LM blow up on it. i was fishing really thick heavy weeds. i didnt land 1. haha i either lost them in the weeds,or i didnt get the hooks set in good enough. i usually land 8 times out of 10. but i had fun and it appeared that i was the only one getting any action.


keep the pics coming!

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Good job man! I got hooked on scum frogs a couple years back.. haven't used one this year at all I don't think. Guess I better bust it out next time I'm bassin!

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