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Chemong lake

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Howdy all


After a long wait, and an even longer time fishing rivers and creeks, I finally bought

a small fishing boat, can't wait to get it in the water next week.


We have a trailer on Chemong lake, and as we've never actually been on the lake before,

I was hoping some of you could point us in the right direction, our first outing will be with my daughter,

so I'm hoping she catches the fishing bug too.


I don't need your hotspots, as I expect to find our own sooner or later, just a general idea of where would be a good place to start. Not picky about what we catch, just want to get my daughter "hooked"


PM me if you like, any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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ok first:

where on chemong?

upper or lower?

next which park?--if its bailey's bay you better talk to me BEFORE you try to drive out onto the lake--if you like your motor.....

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Yup, Baileys Bay.


What do I need to know about the lake.

its shallow and weedy is all I know so far...


pm'd ya Skeeter



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