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The Summer 09

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Someone once said even the well laid plans often get destroyed.


This seems to be the Summer of 09 in my case. With the boys having baseball almost nightly, it make for hectic schedules....but its all worth it in the end




The windows that were open to fish got quickly closed with an operation my wife had and my having to up my daddy role, my kids digressed to toddlers and wanted bed time stories nightly something I was more then happy to do, 1 book almost brought some tears as my wifes dad who passed used to read it to them also.


I did finally deciding that my hull and engine just are not suited for a 6 inch set back, it ran way better last summer with no jack plate so its coming off soon.


No time to prefish and focused on the family its been tough, I even forgot my net at home and couldnt drive a hook in a fish then losing fish at a boat side, had me driving home pretty upset, thanks to a friend and the 1 hr convo I felt somehat better after the 4th beer that night


I woke up the next morning and sorta said to my self who cares its recreational fishing We are healthy happy and beyond now at home and in the end thats all that counts lets just hope it all stays that way Im thinking.....


So since bass opener the only things I fished were a July 1 club event Rice lake and another clubbie and Quinte yesterday


The only pics I have from the clubbie is of Doug Brownridge, funny guy he is got largie blood in his veins a humble and extremely talented angler I say. The early morning fog which I though was a cool pic








Well Rice lake came really quick so with no prefish I thought it was better to go as a non boater, was it a good choice ( yup as my second day guy and I hit it off and are spending a pile of time talking Quinte bass)


day 1 started nice but shovelled rain thunder lightning, nothing like seeing mono line float up in the air from static electricity but it ended early too with a call to JP to come pick me up after my boaters engine blew 15 fuses..it wicked to see that a TV host stil remains humble and will at the drop of a pin run and help out anyone that knows the man will concur......


an early am shot





Here we are getting a tow in.....




I was asked to run the pontoon out to release the fish so it wasn't a waste and after the dismal day here is the largest of the fish on day 1 for me, came punching a mat...





Funny part of the day.... we all usually put a few cold ones back at the end of the day, he beached his boat but ( insert evil grin ) it somehow started to float, here he is jumping into it...he made it but man was it funny




if any one ever needs a boat/vehicle wrap Todd is one of the best going at it, he is reasonable and pretty much a great dude let me know and I ll fire you his number as the work is perfection


the clubbies under CBAF in my opinion are on the verge of a circuit in terms of sticks, with jp, frost, nahm, deforge, brownridge chong, murision are some of the best sticks around and yet the unknowns are in some cases even stronger, so when the clubbies come its intense beginnings in terms of competition, but its all about beer and giggles at the end of the day, and thats what I think makes them fun, for anyone wanting to fish a tournament its a great and inexpensive way to get out and fish for a day.


Thanks to Al Patton for suggesting a while back I join a bass club, best advise I have recieved in a while


So here is a mid week shot of some of the boats chewin fat




AS I said earlier I lost fish on the hook set, I really need to spend more time drivin a hook and getting up on my toes but thats the way she goes, this pic is me utterly disgusted in my self but figured I would make it somewhat funny.....






Someone once said its not the guts but the glory that counts I beg to differ, we had a scare here in the house its ok now so Im thankful for that, and Im looking forward to more fishing but the heartache continues so let me start with some heartache yet again......will it ever stop


Last year my mom broke her hip leaving her for the most part imobile other then a short few steps she can take its a tough go. She went from good to bad in all aspects of late life including dementia developing in the last while, and as I look at her I know her days are soon coming to an end something that saddens me to no avail.




I get at least 2 calls a month generally at 3 am to drive over to help my dad pick her up as she would fall, again a really tough pill to swallow and a driving force why we arent moving. The other day I get the call again, but this one is different, suffice to say she fell again and the family needed help coupled with that and my dad also needing asistance I couldnt let my wife deal with it all and the kids so a weekend trip I had planned Ottawa way got scrubed.....




With her recoperating, and not much I can do to help my wife suggested I go fish Sunday for the day get some stress out yes..... no..... YES!!!!


So I packed up the boat to fish one of my favorite bodies of water Quinte.


The morning started calm like most mornings but quickly got beyond timid, and with a 100 boat tourny on it, I figured it would be a tough bite.


while the picture doesnt do justice, it was lumpy with some sweet waves to ride on the way back to Belleville from Trenton I figure I was airborne 7 or so times which somehow eased things and put a smile on the face




It was a bitter sweet day with guilt riding me but it was a diversion and I needed one....






My friend Justin with a sweet fish who generally isnt a bass guy, although I think he might be converting over.... if you get a chance read his blogs on WFN




Today is filled with spending time with mom and my family......


thanks for reading

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Mixture of escape through fishing and real life stories, thanks for sharing.

Seems to be a tough year for many on different fronts, including fishing.

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