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Hello, our family has a nice 23' boat, love fishing at my buddies cottage on Lake Muskoka - have caught lots of Pike and some nice Bass.


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a lake in driving distance to Lake Muskoka that is good for Bass.


Somedays we get 10 to 12 Bass on Muskoka, somdays we get skunked.


Any recommendations would be appreciated - ie Nippissing, Manitoulin, Georgian Bay.


Kids love bass fishing, but days we get skunked are no fun, Thanks...

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Hey Welcome to the board. FYI you will get more replies if you introduce yourself first.


I would suggest that you are already on a great lake. I fished Lake Muskoka alot as a kid and there are plenty o Bass as well as monster Pike in there (not to mention Lakers). I think rather than finding a different lake, you need to find some different techniques for when the fish aren't co-operating. Part of the sport is finding the fish when they aren'y finding you. Try learning about jigging, drop shotting, tubes, Senkos, trolling. There are many different techniques you can try to produce fish.


Thats my $.02

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