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kenogamming lodge/reel line choice for walleye

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anyone stayed at kenogamming lodge , gogama area. seen ads in various fishing mag's rec'd this lodge for jumbo perch,walleye & pike.


also appreciate recommendation for bait casting reel (1) monofilament or (2) fluorocarbon . currently using what is referred to as " whiplash" green colour line . very pliable but durable & does not snarl up in reel when casting . any opinion on line selection for bait casting reel , northern shield lake fishing & targeting walleye. thanks

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Have you ever been up there before? when are you going?

Its a big lake. You're not going to connect with any trophies.

Walleye fishing is slow. Pike are hammerhandle sized.

In all honesty the fishing is just ok, maybe. you gotta work for it.

Bring alot-ALOT... of minnows, as thats your best bet for the walleye.

Gotta have a fishfinder too....


We go up for the fun of it and a chance to get away.


there are better fishing spots....hosts are nice enough.

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