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A little local colour

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My wife and I drove to Sudbury yesterday and we decided to take a detour along some backwoods secondary highways to see an area we hadn't seen before. One little village we saw was called River Valley (along the Sturgeon River) - a old logging community which lost its railway spur long ago and now relies on I'm not sure what, except some flow-through traffic to fishing and lodges further north. There are only three larger buildings in town - a general store, a Catholic church and an old hotel converted to a four-plex. Add a couple of dozen homes and that's it.


We stopped for some french fries at a chip stand in the village, and we browsed the general store next door - two floors jam-packed with groceries, liquor and beer, tackle, camping gear, local crafts and souvenirs. I took a picture of the exterior because I thought it had the typical local colour of a place like that... complete with ATV's parked at the gas pumps. Actually in quite nice repair for the backwater it's in.


Question - If you follow Hwy 539A and Road 805, what kind of fishing opportunities does that get you into? We saw some big motor homes and fifth wheels heading up that way.



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