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My summer so far...

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Well so far, it’s been an ok summer for fishing. I’m getting out a lot, but I don’t get out for long periods of time…..only been home in the city for one weekend, and at cottages or camping the rest of the time…but only squeezing in a couple hours here and there on a Sunday morning or afternoon. NOT that I’m complaining :D Just dumping the pics from the camera, so I thought I’d post ‘em up! Enjoy…


Typical morning in Deep Bay, Gull Lake





Gull Lake has some decent smallies,






And I’m workin’ on the Lakers….



I’ve also been privileged enough to have a friend who takes me out for salmon every now and then… :D

When we catch ‘em, they look like this



And when we don’t catch ‘em, the scenery looks like this





For the first time on softwater, I tried out Island Lake in Orangeville…I was pretty impressed with the bass in there…and they were pretty impressed with surface lures






So that’s it…for now….off to Muskoka this weekend…haven’t been there for what seems like ages….gotta help Dad with some sanding and painting…but something tells me I’ll find a couple hours to check on the bass…and maybe even walleye…and maybe…. :D


Happy fishing, all! Thanks for looking!

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Nice job man, I'm still looking for a big bass this year, other than that just a PB carp for me and a bunch of avg fish.


Thanks for sharing dude, beauty Salmon!



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