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Sunday July 26th was both a good and a bad day.

Yes sir, we had it all!

There was sun, cloud, rain, wind, thunder and lightning, hail and mechanical break down.


On the good side, my clients caught fish.

As a bonus, the young lady on board scored a PB 5 pound Large Mouth Bass.


From my perspective, the only thing nicer than catching a five pound Bass is having the client catch one...hahaha.


On the bad side, the weather changed every hour and on my way home the serpentine belt on the truck broke. No belt, no water pump...No water pump and with the heavy boat on the back, the poor old Dodge hit the boiling point in a couple of Klms. I staggered into the garage in Apsley and arranged to have the truck repaired, then limped home in short hops with the boat and trailer.


Monday morning I had a fishing date with fellow OFC'er JeffBornFishin. I called him when I got home on Sunday evening to cancel our trip, because of the truck. Jeff generously offered to tow my boat back and forth to the lake so we could still go fishing.


I spend a lot of time with beginners and love teaching people the basics. It very rewarding and fun too. But, it was like having time-off to spend the day with an accomplished angler like Jeff. Having spent most of his life in this area, he and I were able to discuss a lot of local lakes and fishing, as well as other cottage country issues.


While we were at it, we did managed to catch some fish too. I don't think the big one was a new PB for Jeff, but it was a damn fine fish all the same.



As for me...It was a new PB for guiding.

Four, three pound fish, two four pound fish, one 4.75, and two LMBass of over five pounds...in three trips...Hot Dog, I love this job!


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It just doesn't get any better than that Garry :thumbsup_anim:

Great job on getting your clients onto quality fish!!! B)

Thanks for sharing


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Thanks for a great day out Garry. :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:


Glad it worked out I could come up (not like its far :lol:) and haul your boat...not so glad your truck broke.


Was nice they had it ready for you when we got back into town.


That bit of rain we had is nothing compared to what is forecasted for tomorrow.


Hope you dont get soaked and stay safe.


Thanks again for fun day out.


Looking forward to another.

Edited by JeffBornFishin

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