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Nightime Smallies

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We had a blast tonight fishing for less than 2 hours off a dock. We managed 10 fish (nothing big but lots of fun) 2.4 pounds was the largest.

Crazy double header smallie bullhead all interupted by a phone call in the middle of it. Too funny.

Lots of fun and I will do it again soon.

2.4 pounder


Strange double header


Last cast of the night



I also fished the same area this aft from my boat and lost a big fish but still managed 5 smallies and a bunch of perch.

nice little fat fish


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I have heard of nighttime largies but not smallies, guess I need to get out more LOL.



Thanks for the report and pictures! I bet you would not believe me but I caught a catfish at night on a bass popper, literally when it hit the water... :blink:



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