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Bass Fishing Report - July 27th 2009

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Well folks, the mission today was for Paul and I to hit one of our local lakes for bass.... Weather wise up here is still not the greatest to put it simply.... Lots of rain and thunder storms. Woke up this morning at around 6:30am, temperature was 18C with heavy clouds and a slight southerly wind at around 5KM/H... left home around 7:15am, made a pit stop to Timmies and the way we go!!!


Got to destination at around 8:00am. Got the boat launched and started working the shoreline.... Immediately tied on "The Little Woodie" and started casting.... was not able to hook into any fish.... it then started to rain quite heavily.... so we put on the rain gear and kept working. After maybe 10 - 15 minutes of casting with it, I got a hit, set the hook and it got off :wallbash: I was hoping to land one but alas it wasn't meant to be :(


So I switch over to a white BigO and rigged my second rod with #4 Octopus hook and a Gulp 5" black sinking minnow and immediately hooked this beauty on the BigO!!!




As you can see the rain had finally subsided and we're able to remove some rain gear LOL

We did not land any bass off of the shoreline but instead caught them in the middle of the lake on a hump that we know spawns from one end of the lake to the other. On the hump is only 2' fow and on each side drops off to 15' - 20'.... this is where we caught most of our bass B)


Water temp was 70F which is really low compared to other seasons at this time of year.... should of been in the 80's by now.... this cause the bass to be hard to find in the pads and heavy weeds close to shore.

They were in a scattered pattern but when we hit the hump.... well let just say we had a great time hooking into all kinds of bass of different sizes B)


Paul was landing great numbers on his white Northam spinnerbait & other lures that he had rigged up and I was doing the same on the BigO and Gulp..... Let just say that it was a 50+ fish day each!!! I know it's unbelievable but this lake never cease to amaze me :w00t:


We did manage to land a couple of decent ones and pics are displayed at the end.... Here is the ones that we were able to capture with the camera while it wasn't raining.... Enjoy














Here one with the Gulp in his yap!!!





















And last but not least.... the two biggest ones 3Lbs 13oz on my left and 3Lbs 8oz on my right on a digi scale!!!





On a final note here is the lures of choice today: Spro frog, Buzzbait, White Spinnerbait, white BigO, Gulp 5" sinking minnows in black and olive color....


Thanks Paul for a great time out bassin :thumbsup_anim::worthy::clapping:

Hope you enjoy!!!


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Those are some great pics and some beauty bass! You guys definitely laid the smackdown on them. Thanks for report Leechman.

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Awesome report Jacques. Beauty bass all around. Congrats to the both of you on a fine day out.

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That is a great day and some really nice fish but,

I would have played with that "little woodie" all day until I got a bass. That would have been very gratifying.

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wow - awesome bass report Jacques! Some hogs there for sure. Way better average than what I'm used to catching in my local reservoir. Maybe you've just got them more dialed in than I do! :lol:




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Thanks everyone for your kind replies :thumbsup_anim:

It was awesome spending time out on the water!!! Thanks again Paul for taking me out :Gonefishing::canadian:


Looks like you boys had a fantastic day. Did you try your custom plugs today?

Bruce yes I did and was the first lure I tied on to begin our hunt!!! Did not hook any with it but works good.... just have to retrieve it slowly. It needs some more tweeking LOL



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