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crown land camping

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Hi folks, heading north in a couple days, going to tent camp for 9 or 10 days. In the past i have picked up my crown land camping permits at the mnr office in kirkland lake, but when i was looking at the web site, it said i could get them at one of the various liscence dealers through out the province. my problem is it will be night time while we are driving through most of the province !


So i guess my question is does anyone know where i can buy crown land camping permits in the north bay, temagamy, or new liskeard area?


Thanks for any input.



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just to confirm, are you not an ontario resident?


because as far as i know, being an ontario resident permits you use of the land (with some stipulations), no permit required.


EDIT: Oops, i see the 'Ohio' reference now -- ignore! :-)

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