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My Shark Fishing Adventure

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I am very fortunate to have been invited by the SHARKMAN himself Captain Art Geatan to join him for some summer shark fishing. He also said bring whoever you would like since his boat holds upto 10 passengers. I have gone shark fishing with him before so I knew what to expect. Steady action and plenty of sharks! I decided to invite some friends that have never had the opportunity to fish on the ocean and experience such a great fishery and the majestic Blue Shark! I had Paul (Georgous) Bordo, Chris Currie (Two Fingers & a Thumb) and Greg (Faboulous) Fabiano with his entire family (all girls) join us for two day on some unbelievable fishing. Day 1 we went 18 for 20 with the biggest weighing just over 150 pounds. Day 2 we went 13 for 18 with the biggest pushing 170 pounds. All the Sharks were Blue Sharks. The following are some of the pictures


We Stayed at Wayne's World Lobsters in a loft over looking the Eastern Passage. This was the view from our room!




Our first dinner in the loft. Probably the best dinner I ever had. All provided by Mary Fabiano. Homemade soup, salad, pasta and the LOBSTER!!! We had Wayne's World cook us up a dozen 2 pound prime lobsters. Until you have eaten fresh lobster from the east cost you have never eaten lobster.




The Fabiano Clan!




The first fish of the trip caught by Greg Fabiano.




The next fish caught by Paul G Bordo




The next fish caught by Mary Fabiano




The next fish caught by Two Fingers and a Thumb (Chris Currie)




Me Vanilla Gorilla (Mitch Burke) with the smallest of the day




The Fabiano's friend with a fish




More Fabiano Girls with Fish








Day two was really rough so I did not really pull my camera out much. We had strong SE winds blowing from 20-40 Km/h with seas from 12-20 feet high, but here is Chris with a big one.




If you ever wanted to catch Sharks and experience the East Coast of Canada I would highly recommend you contact Art Geatan at Blue Shark Charters. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!



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Holy crap that's awesome! I was in Halifax all last week and didn't do a damn thing :)


Back on the 10th of August for another week!


I should give him a call.

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Great report.

What did you do with the sharks? Did ya eat any?

Edited by misfish

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Awesome report vanillagorilla :thumbsup_anim:

Must of been a rush for the clan to hook into their first!!! Congratulations :clapping:

Looks like you guys had a fun time out there!!!

Thanks for sharing


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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, saltwater is awesome fishing!


Some really cool tooothty critters, a little different than our muskies and pike, although sharkjs being much bigger "wussies".

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Very cool! Great adventure for sure!

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