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Lodgings in Bobcaygeon

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My wife and I want to go fishing for a couple days next weekend somewhere...not sure where though...


Most likely we will be fishing Monday and Tuesday (driving up Monday morning). So I was thinking of trying to find a place to stay sort of central to the Kawarthas and pick which lakes we will fished based on wind etc. I know the Monday it will be a zoo anywhere, but the tuesday should be nice.


Anyway, has anyone ever stayed in Bobcaygeon or anywhere in the area for that matter and can recommend a place?


Also, if you have any other ideas for a 2 day fishing trip i'm open. Don't want to go too far though.




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Not sure how this link will work but we stayed here a couple of times.

Steve and Lisa run a fantastic little camp. It is just on Front Street in Bobcaygeon, right next to the marina.

You are going to have difficulties finding a place for such a small amount of time (anywhere) but I suppose if someone had an opening, especially last minute, they would rather have a couple days rent money rather than none.

Good luck!



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Buckeye Motel or Three Island Motel in Bobcaygeon might be worth trying...Maybe had guests over the weekend but they would have checked out by 11:00 am on the Monday of the long weekend...

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