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South Shore Salmon Report

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Took a couple of friends who don't fish for Salmon in Lake Ontario out yesterday as I was pre-fishing for the Salmon dance tournament.

My tourney partner was pre-fishing Bronte and the plan was to compare notes and then decide where to fish on Saturday.


As luck would have it, got into them early and often, with some crazy reel screaming action!


Highlight of the day was a 26 and 25lb double header with the 26 off the rigger and the 25 off the copper.


Rigger Fish:




Copper Fish:




Unfortunately, all we could post today was 45.90.....





Thanks guys for two great days on the big water!!!

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Great report and pics Tundra N Lightning :thumbsup_anim:

Some real nice looking salmons :w00t: congratulations :clapping:

Thanks for sharing


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