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July 23 Report

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So... during the day, My girlfriends dad and I started chatting about hitting the water to get a line wet. He was out trucking and would be home by 4 oclock. I asked if he was down for heading out and he said forsure !!!


So I got off work at about 4:30, got home and geared up and headed over to his place. We took out Grandpas boat since its a little nicer and bigger than my 14' tinny ! haha He has an 18' Lowe with a 90 HP eveinrude !

It also has the "wireless" motorguide trolling motor..... I DONT LIKE IT ! Its very slow to respond, and its a constant On or OFF not like the foot switch ! Ill stick to the cable steer and foot control when I can afford a nice one !


Any ways, We got on the water at about 5:30 or so.... He asked where we should start. I said that the wind was a perfect wind to try and drift the weed bed I was in on Sunday ( The July 19th Report ) so that is what we did !


It was pretty nice as he let me captain the ship ... I took us to the beginning of the weed bed... and we started the drift. I stuck to the chartreuse spinner and tied on the next closest thing for Rick (The Father in law ), the fire tiger spinner bait !


Casting started and about 5 mins in landed a 2.25lbs largemouth I didnt get a pic though... I dont know why hahah ANYWAYS


As im casting along I hear from the back of the boat ...." HOLY !!!" ... When I look back I see the rod doubled over and a big GATOR swimmin next to the boat. Quickly bring in my gear to get back and help him with the fish. We had no leaders , and he has NEVER caught a pike before. So I thought it was going to be interesting. Oddly enough, the fight went well... the ole gator musta been tired already because he pretty well died out quick. Got him in the net and landed..... solid 30" pike !!!!

Not bad for Ricks first pike ever eh ??? :thumbsup_anim:




A few minutes later.... once all the HOOP LA was over with... we got back to fishing... I cast... *DUNK* ... SET THE HOOK... fish on..... I land this BEAUTY !!! 33" Pike.



Some how, she sustained some gil damage.... The bait was hooked in the corner of the mouth so I have no idea how it happened.... she had LOTS of spunk in her... So I thought she was good to go, but when I put her in the water to revive her, when I would let go, she would just roll over.... it was weird.... we put her in the live well to see if she would come around, but never did. So.... unfortunatly, she came home for dinner. BOO :(


At this point... the night has gotten off to a great start. We didn't think it could get any better.... We caught the odd dink bass in between the pikes but nothing to be crazy about.




(Rick didn't want any pictures of his small fish.... haha )


Like I said... Beautiful night... Fish are on biting.... Cant get any better right ????? ............ WRONG !!!!


Im casting away.... " la di dah di daaaa " ......." OH... theres a bite " Set the hook..." Oh my god...I dont know what it is but it must be a monster " I set the hook and the fish didn't move. I figure its a big pike or something... I could feel the head shakes and what not so I knew I wasn't snagged.... As I'm reeling I call Rick up with the net to get ready.... I see a silhouette.... ITS A HUGE FISH :o , my legs gave out and I went into panic mode..... goes for another run, Oh yea, first time the drag has been peeled from my Abu which also pumped me up.... Then I get it to the surface again, this time I got a better look.... My stomach instantly goes into that butterfly feeling... only stronger then I've ever felt before ......


ITS A MUSKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t::w00t:


So now I sit... 6'6MH, Abu garcia silver max, Power pro 50#, NO LEADER, 1/2 oz. Booyah spinner bait.... Trying to land this fish. All Im visioning in my head is it making it to the side of the boat and then Spooking, going for a run and breaking me off.


Tried landing it with the net twice.... I should have just known the net was to small but like I said, I was in panic mode. Finally I said we gotta do it by hand. Rick grabs the gripper and hooks the bottom jaw... next thing I know... its in the boat.... LANDED !!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO haha I think the boat that was a couple yards from us must of thought I was drunk or something I was jumping and screamin all over the place.



I dont look to happy eh ???? :worthy:



So I did it, well WE did it.... My first musky... She measured in at 39" .... I didn't weigh it because I didn't want to keep it out of the water to long. But it had quite a girth on her. It was a BEAUTIFUL fish.... I think I can say Im hooked on the muskies now ! hahah


SOOOOOOOO after all that excitment, we got back to fishing. We drifted the weed bed a couple more times but the bite slowed a bit.


I got this one at 2.4 lbs...



We decided to move to the shallows as it got later... at about 8:30 or so.... ripping some buzz baits.

I made a perfect cast to these over gown trees..... BLOW UP... set the hook...nothing.... Cast it back to the same spot.... BLOW UP... set the hook... nothing... So I said enough with that... moved on.


Rick then casts to the spot... BOOM !!! fish on ! .... He lands the big bass for the night !


2.6lbs ...



Rick I have VERY different views on the whole catch and release thing. He thinks that if it swims... it should go in the live well :wallbash: .... I obviously think VERY different. I do not keep ANY fish I catch... unless Im fishing for perch with a buddy, but any ways..... Rick likes to ride me for being a strong believer in C n' R..... So when we went out... before we got a line wet... I made him make me a deal.... " Any fish over 1 lbs..... goes straight back in the water " .... He said deal ! :clapping:


So his big 2 and a half pound bass lived to fight another day. If I wouldn't have been on the boat... that woulda been dinner ! Your welcome Mr. bucket mouth ! Now be nice to me and bite my lure next time it comes over head ! hahaha


All in all... what can I say, it was a GREAT night... best night of fishing I can remember in my life actually.

I wont forget it thats for DAMN sure...


Thanks for tuning in... hopefully I can muster up another report after the weekend !!!


Best of luck on the water ! :Gonefishing:


PS... a couple end of the night shots of Ricks dinner.... *shutters*




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That, my friend is a sweet evening of fishing!!

Congrats on the ski. Wow, nice looking fish.

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What a night!! Congrats on what can only be described as a monumental outing.

A great report as well.



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Great report and excellent pics Lunker :thumbsup_anim:

Like you said just doesn't get any better than that!!! Congratulations on your first ski :clapping:

Real beauty :worthy:

and thanks for sharing


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Nice report. Good on ya for keeping that pike. No point releasing a fish with a wound like that. It would certainly have been a goner, IMO. Probably a great dinner. :)

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Nice report. Good on ya for keeping that pike. No point releasing a fish with a wound like that. It would certainly have been a goner, IMO. Probably a great dinner. :)


Yea, I made the call to keep it, it was the first time I have ever had a mortally wounded fish. :wallbash::oops: .... I dont eat fish, so I didnt know how to clean one... and the father in law didn't either.... so he took it to his mommmmys hahah I guess she cleaned'er up for him.



I hated having to keep it though... Big one like that shoulda went back ! :asshat:

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Excellent report and congrats on the Musky....love that weak in the knees feeling when you have one on the line..thinking to yourself the whole time....Don't lose it don't lose it .........

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