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Who's From Caledonia

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Was wondering if any members are from Caledonia?

Any of you attend McKinnon Park Secondary between the year in opened to 1997 or around there?

Go to the old high school?



It's been a while since I've seen some old fishing buddies from back in the day.


Laszlo (les) Csordas

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I'm from Caledonia... Well lived there from birth in 1980 --> Grade 9 year (93??) then moved out to the hammer.


Had a childhood job as the Dickee Dee Icecream guy workin for Mike down at Caledonia Tackle when i was a kid. hehe


Ahh the good ole' days of fishing on any given weekend without worry of 40 other people around with their white buckets.



I never went to the old or "new" highschool though, moved out over the summer i started highschool.


You may know my Sister or cousins tho.


They went to the old and new highschools respectively.

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I live in Caledonia but only moved here about 11 years ago (grew up in another booming metropolis: Mount Hope! And went to HS at Ancaster).

A few Caledonians here, I am sure they will pipe up.


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