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Barrysbaycottages Carson lake

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Well all I am finally getting some time to post some of the fishing that I have been doing over the past couple of weeks and wanted to post about our family week at barrysbaycottages for our Family reunion. Prior to going I searched high and low for notes about this lake resort. Now its here


First off I can not say enough about the quality of the cottages.. All top notch, clean, fully equipped and with all modern appliances.

Our cottage did not have a hot tub "coming this fall" but other family members did and wow such a nice set up. We knew ours did not have one but boy it would have been nice. :thumbsup_anim:


There was a fire pit with a starter pack of wood to get you started.


Each one of the cottages my family rented also had a gas fireplace for those cold wet nights :(


Barrysbaycottages is located on Carson lake, it’s a small deep lake but apparently full of baitfish and lake trout. Sometimes there were so many bait balls my sounder thought we were going shallow in 140 foot of water going up too 15 feet because the bait was so thick,


There were trout everywhere. We did manage to hook into 2 nice ones 4-5 lbs but it was tough going very likely to the terrible weather.


Bass fishing was a "BUST" no matter what we tried we could only get a few super small bass. All under 1 pound and boy did we try.

As a bass fishery there just was not enough structure for them. Most of the ground was flat leading to deep water they might have been there but you needed to check with a local on the location.


Trout is what that lake is and that’s what you have too fish for if you want fish :)








Now the "BIG" notes of caution for those who are thinking of trying this resort in the summer.


1st off the web site is very mis-leading :angry:


A quote from the website says under facilities..

"The private docks provide good access to the lake and are ideal for fishing, sunbathing, boat parking and for dangling feet in the water." :wallbash:


Well here are the gotcha's for people like myself.


We arrived with my boat only too be told by the resort operations sorry you can't launch your boat there is not a boat launch on this lake.. SAY WHAT>>


You can see other boat's on the lake.. OH they are locals they wont let you launch your boat.

Took me a full day asking around till I found someone who excepted some $$$ and lots of thank you's to put my boat in.


You can rent boat from a great guy that I will speak about later but these are all 12 foot boats with small outboards not bad but still lots of extra costs.


So you think ok I can fish off the docks they show pictures of people doing this and they said that in the notes.. Well again its all on perspective. :dunno:


From the docks its only about 3 feet deep for about 100 feet too the deep water. When I would come in with my boat I had too trim right up and sitting at the doc I had 1 foot below…. Your only hope of a fish would be something coming by in the 3 foot water., As there was no weeds or any place to hid fishing there was next too impossible for your youngsters too be entertained. :asshat:

I tried casting as far as I could too the deep water for my kids but still only got too the 5 foot range.

If you want a fire each night you are responsible for finding all the wood yourself., They give you a starter pack for a night and then its up too you too find more. Great if you are new too the area


We checked in town and they were out or sorry.. Finally the boat delivery guy was picking up some boats and we ask him where too get wood. He was not sure but he knows someone,, A call etc, the boat guy arrived dropped off a load of wood for all our family, said he would come back mid week and check on our status and even left a hatchet too make kindling.. Super nice guy but did not work for the cottage resort.


Would I recommend this cottage to friends, ICE fishing maybe. Summer maybe too people looking for a cottage but not fishing or boating.


If your looking for a boating lake, with mutiple fish too try for nope!!

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Thanks for the detailed information about the resort, I'm sure it will help someone's decision in picking a place. The lack of bass and fishing from the dock doesn't go well with me if I was going to pick a resort.

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Sounds like a fair and objective review...thanks for posting it. I'm with you...sounds like a good place to try thru the ice :D

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My grandparents lived on that lake for 15 years! The guy who put your boat in was probably named Ed? I stayed in those cottages before a few years ago and was very happy as well. There is a lake going towards Algonquin park called bark lake and it has very good bass fishing. Last year we had great action, including a smallie that had to be seven pounds! In two hours we must have caught 30 or more and a few pike to go with it!!! If anyone is heading up there PM me and i would be glad to help out. We always did pretty well for bass 21 and 22" bass were a daily thing.




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