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Took another consecutive trip to Lake Seymour for the weekend and the fishing was decent to say the least. I fished Saturday morning, and Saturday evening as well as a little bit Friday evening when we arrived. Caught a couple 1lbr's, 2 that were a pound half and a nice 2lb smallie. The little brother didn't fish this weekend...he was off swimming for the first time this year.


As always, I got a few photo's and another Lake Seymour sunset picture to cap it off!


First fish of the trip, evening largie-



Early morning topwater action(skitter pop) approx 5:15am-



#2 of the morning, decent 2lb smallie-



Another fellow fisherman came to join me in the hunt for fish!


And the last photographed fish of the weekend-



Thanks for reading, maybe I'll nail a big one next weekend!





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That your boat in the last fish picture? haha. nice fish



I wish, no it's a Tracker Pro Team Walleye Pro boat...22' long with a 225 Merc and a 9.9 pro kicker on it....sweet ride and I might be able to go on her next weekend, belongs to one of the people in the park.. :worthy:

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