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bass opener 2009

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Opener was a great day , although I was alone with pikeie up north and Mike ( younger son) thinking 4:30 am was wayyy to early.

paid off though , first at the launch and first at my traditional first stop on opening day .



nice sunrise , always amazing to see how fast it rises



fist few casts and a nice little bass , followed by a second one one cast later ,Fun in the reeds and weeds. then the crowd arrived and the fish seemed to turn off.

tried a couple of more spots with no luck .



mid morning before the next fish then ..wow almost non stop for better part of an hour ,total of 10 smallies all on perch cranks and tubes . it was a blast .Lost a nice one at the boat when my mono leader snapped.


most fish on opener that I can remember.


Next week Mike and I tried another fav spot and although the numbers weren't as high the quality was there .Nice to be out Mike as well


Mike with a nice largie caught on weightless senkos .


Big fish of the day at 19" . broke in my $19 Quantum rod nicely ( thanks Cudz) Belly weighted senko


5 fish in total for the day , bit damp but no complaints



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