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Muskoka River - Bracebridge

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Fishing excursions have been far a few between lately so its been a while since I have had a post. Hopefuly with your guys/gals help I will have one in August. I am going to be heading up to Bracebridge for a week with the family to hook up with some longtime friends at cottage on the Muskoka river. Having looked at it on Google, I am wondering if its worthwhile bringing the boat. I have a 17' Lund so I have some concerns about how navigable the waterway is, water hazards, and where to launch? It looks more like the type of river you might just be better off in a canoe or a tinner. I don't mind taking the boat and making a day trip to one of the nearby lakes. I guess the question would be which one? Also, does anyone know which species are in the Muskoka River? I know these things are not shared easily, but if anyone is willing, I would really like give the kids a bit of a day trip adventure to some backwoods type of location with the canoe...I don't have a 4 wheeler though, just my Explorer.


Thanks, and please feel free to pm me.

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The Muskoka river has smallies,pike and walleye that I know of.

If you launch the boat in Bracebridge it is only a short trip out to lake Muskoka.

Otherwise you are better off in a tinnie or canoe.

I'll be up that way this weekend. B)

Good luck, :)

Kenny G.

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There are also some largemouth bass present. In my limited experience it's certainly worth fishing, although I haven't been very far upstream of the mouth.


For those more familiar with the river: Is it pretty navigable between Bay Park and the falls downstream of Spence Lake? I was looking at putting in my 14' tinney (15 hp motor + electric) at the ramp on Shaw Street and see what it has to offer.

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