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Boat Slips at Fishmasters! Finally!

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Well I have to say a big "THANK YOU" to many people, Randy, John, Crumby, Mikey, Ryan, Zachary, Christian and Bill for helping Steve ( Fishmaster) build the docks for the marina.


After many weeks of painstaking labor they are are finally done.


Buying Lumber, Steel, and hardware was only the beginning! The planning and execution took many hours of time from all involved, from building the wood docks, locating and picking up barrels and steel to cutting and welding all the steel... Guys, it was a job you should all be very proud of...


14 slips, a boat launch dock and more to come... it is a far cry from a year ago when we started this adventure with naked water...


Congrats Steve on building what will definately be a fisherman's paradise!


Here is the finished product...



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