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Anyone ever fished LAKESHORE and BATHURST area?

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Hey OFC'ers,


Last night, Jip and I drove around looking for other spots along Lakeshore in Toronto that we could fish. Came across THIS SPOT along BATHURST and LAKESHORE area.


I was just wondering - Has anyone ever fished there? I noticed its a terminal of sorts and that there's pay parking...but I'm sure with a lil 'charm' you can convince the attendant that you're only there to fish. I even spoke with a driver that makes regular stops to the area - he told me he's seen pike swim through there.....hmmmm?.....Anyway....back to my question(s)...


1) Has anyone ever fished there?


2) What kinds of fish have been known to be caught?


Any and All input would be GREATLY appreciated!


Thanks in Advance,



PS: Click HERE for the map; incase you missed it the 1st time.

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The terminal at the foot of Bathurst and Lakeshore is for the island airport ferry. It is operated by Porter. During business hours, the ferry goes back and forth across the channell and creates a huge backflow. I believe that there is also a high seawall along that section which would make landing anything you caught difficult.


If you decide to give it a try, I would be interested in reading about your results.


Another option to consider for shore fishing is at Spadina and Queens Quay where there are also pike.

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The took out a lot of the weedbeds at haurfront. Supposedly to make it easier for the polic boats to get through. This kind of killed a lot of the pike habitat down there.

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