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Do you know Mr sturgeon?

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The OFAH is running a survey to collect angler attitudes and knowledge about

sturgeon and sturgeon fishing in Ontario. Responses are being solicited

from sturgeon anglers and non-sturgeon anglers alike. To access the survey

please go to www.ofah.org/sturgeon


The survey should take less than 5

minutes to complete.


Please forward to any other angling friends you have in your address book or

post on message boards that you frequent (already on a couple). I am hoping

to solicit responses from as far reaching in Ontario and those outside

Ontario that fish in Ontario.


A summary of the survey can be found in the magazine for those without

internet access or I can provide a pdf copy which can be printed and mailed

in also.


If you have any questions or comments beyond what is captured in the survey

feel free to direct them to me at the contact information below.


ps. - for those that have were part of the 'test' audience -- this link is

now for the 'real' survey. Please complete this version as data from the

previous survey will not be utilized.


Yours in Conservation,


Jeremy Holden

Fisheries Biologist

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Ontario Conservation Centre

4601 Guthrie Dr.

Peterborough, ON

K9J 8L5

Phone: (705) 748-6324 x268

Fax: (705) 748-9577




mailto:[email protected]

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