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Georges Lake Report

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Last Thursday, me and a bunch of friends went up to my friend's cottage on a small lake just south of Algonquin Park.




The first two days of fishing on Thursday and Friday, I tried to look for any types of panfish and tried for rainbow trout but was completely unsuccessful. I only had 1/8 ounce jigheads which were my heaviest, and it was not going to go down 40 feet for me on a kayak without an anchor. We only caught a largemouth here and there, which meant that my fishing really didn't start until Saturday morning.


By Saturday morning, it was a beautiful day as I remembered from the forecast. A very warm day, and not a cloud to be seen anywhere. Unfortunately, I had all these plans to be up and on the water by 5:30AM to be the first to fish for the Largemouth, but because of the previous night, I was unable to wake up until about 9:30AM.


Got out there and fished for only a couple of hours, thinking that all the fish would have been gone by the time I got there because it was way past dawn. Luckily, I was still able to find some fish here and there..


Oh yup, and here is my setup.....


A Kayak with a pocket full of Fishing gear...


The first morning since I was too late, I was using a Rainbow Trout coloured Fin-S Shad, attached to a jighead. I didn't even need to bust out the Gulp! as they were readily biting on anything that is presented to them.



Many of the fish were found in fallen trees, as there was barely any slop, and the thickest weeds were like this..



Around 7PM, I went back out for more fish, but this time on the topwater. It was absolutely amazing! I only brought my cheap reels there since I was going to be lended out to people that didn't know how to fish, and I had a fish wreck my anti-reverse on a cheap Daiwa combo reel. Switched on to another reel using braid on the topwater, and it continued to work even though topwaters aren't supposed to use braid. Sorry, not pictures of that fishing session.


Most of the fish I caught were of a decent size, and the largest were probably 2 pounders, but I was unable to find anything larger.


In my Kayak, it was kind of bad since the fish were pulling me right into the trees as soon as they were hooked.

On Sunday, the weather was terrible and we just hung around inside the house..


By Monday morning, I was determined to wake up for dawn to fish. Got out onto the water and caught a few bass here and there, but it was nothing compared to the fishing on Saturday.


At the end of the trip, my topwater is absolutely torn apart, as the gold paint is gone and is silver now.



Have to admit, topwater is the most fun way to fish for bass.

An awesome journey to be out on the water, and then it was over as fast as it came..


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thanks guys! I did manage to catch one at night on the topwater, and it was definitely different!


I was so scared because earlier in the day the fish were missing and I was having the topwater fly right back at me! Luckily I did manage to get it without the hook firing back at me, but it was a rather small one.


Relying only on sound is such an awesome thing, only except that those bass don't bite as often when it gets completely dark.

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Sometimes the bass bite more at night, especially on a clear night with a full moon..

you dont even need a flash light when your out there.

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Beautiful area you guys got to fish in B)

and some beauty bass :thumbsup_anim:

Like others said, fish the surface after sunset with jitterbugs and hula poppers.... bass go crazy on them ;)

Thanks for sharing


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