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whitby Lake O report

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I spent much of the last week down in whitby pre fishing for the scotty, being a completely new area to me I figured a few extra days on the water wouldn't kill me. Its tough sometime to find guys to fish with during the week but I managed to get a couple friends to come down and reel in some kings.


The first day we went out we managed to find some decent fish. I was fishing with one of my best friends and he had never been rigging before but just moved to whitby. He was a prime candidate to smooth up with a few fish being he had a extra room for me to stay for the week. ;) In the 4 hours we fished

he boated (made him reel in all the fish) 3 nice kings a 15+ and 2 that would have went just over 20. Lost a couple more pigs that day. we worked 3 riggers and a chute rod to keep it simple.

heres a snap of the smallest one, too spent to release.





The next day I headed out with 2 more friends that seemed willing to reel in some kings. we got out and fished about 6 hours that day, mixed things up through that day working flashers and flies and spoons. running the 3 riggers and a mix of wire and boards. Everything but the boards went that day and the boys managed to double up on 2 kings over 20 and took another 18+. They even let me have a shot at a drag screamer

which I impressively managed to loose :-[ :-[ boated a few more that day but the bite all but shut off by 10am.






Thursday was the day things totally changed. With the front moving in the fish seemed to turn right off. The early morning bite was good but short lived and after taking a couple more decent kings they shut off and then the rain started. and cut the day short.




So Friday rolls around and I'm a little concerned about the weather but hope that we can still find a active fish or 2 for the

big fish Friday. Well it just wasn't meant to be.Totally crap the bed and only managed a couple lost fish. The water temps had totally changed and areas I found active fish where up to 6 degrees cooler. I was still marking good hooks but they wanted nothing to do with my spread, if that sounds at all right.


Saturday I decided to work the same areas and see if the fish might be a bit more willing to bite. We worked and worked but could only hit stinking bows. out of desperation I took a run at some old marks and still only came up with bows. After just ot marking what I was looking for we again pulled up and headed back to where we started. Within 30min we hit one nice king just over 18. but that was all that we could scrounge up.






Lesson learned from Saturday, I decided to not take anymore shots in the dark and fish what has been working and just hope we got our bites. We took a king early off the boards and things started to look up. Next the wire fired hard and we took another good king. Not 15 min after getting that rod back out it fired hard and when I grabbed the rod the fish screamed 400ft right away. I knew it was a decent king and came in at just over 27lbs. By 8:00 we had 3 decent fish and things looked good.

The next 4 hours I couldn't move a rod. I moved out a bit from where I had been working and the wire fired again and was peeling line. I saw the team greenhorn jump up for the rod. I yelled DONT SET THAT HOOK! but it was too late he buried the rod and broke off the fish >:( I can tell ya the boat was real quite for the next 30min, when again the wire went and we boxed what would be our last bite that day.The front moved in and the rain started. We managed 4 decent fish much better then our day one but way out of contention.

All and all it was a fun week of fishing .








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thanks for the report, that's some pretty good sized fish, a fun few days that's for sure.


If you don't mind me asking, what was the depth to bottom were you were getting fish? I've been hearing all sorts of stories lately about some fish being pretty close to shore.



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I took fish between 110 and 170 fow, down anywhere from 25-110ft


hope that helps




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Great job Ryan :clapping:

Man those a pretty kings :worthy::thumbsup_anim:

Even though this was unfamiliar waters, you managed to boat some awesome fish!!!


Again great job and thanks for sharing your adventure with us


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